For more than 25 years, we have been providing quality services to a select group of wonderful clients.

It is my dream to start training interested individuals to learn the how to's that regular business colleges don't teach.

Part of bookkeeping is commonly payroll.  But lots of bookkeepers don't know payroll.

Many bookkeepers and owners think bookkeepers are just data entry, and that's the basics, but lets do more than that function.

Mapping data for data conversions is also something we should all know, so that the move to the cloud will be a smooth transition.

Services provided:

Bookkeeping, monthly, quarterly on day to day 

Training staff onsite using live data and having personal attention

Payroll, hourly, monthly, T4's.  Balancing payroll before year end to avoid payroll audits

Remittances to government, GST, PST, WCB, all the fun ones.

Assistance during audits - ten years dealing with trust, GST & PST government audits

Dealing with CRA - with Corporate, Tax and payroll issues

Setting up software, bookkeeping procedures and policies

Moving your books to the cloud - not as scary as it seems